Our Logo

Our logo was designed by Alice Jeffrey, a native of the Gitxsan Hazelton area with more than 40 years of experience in designing and carving in the tradition of her Tsimsyan/Gitxsan ancestors. Alice apprenticed under her father, William G. Jeffrey, in the medium of large totem pole carvings, now a city wide collection located in Prince Rupert, BC. She studied further at the famous Gitanaax School of Northwest Coast Indian Art in Ksan, BC. Alice was a founding member of the Kekinow Board of Directors and designed the logo for the Society.

The outer perimeters represent the Longhouse, which once housed many of the tribal nations of British Columbia. Within the Longhouse is the thunderbird drawn in bold black and red. Black to represent our ancestors who preceded us, and red for our continuing bloodlines. The thunderbird is a mythical creature endowed with the characteristics of strength, swiftness, far-sightedness, and loyalty to its young. When met with adversity it would alight the heavens with lightning and roaring thunder – a creature that is never defeated. The frog in the center symbolizes the artist who is of the Frog Clan. Lastly, the beavers located in the wings of the thunderbird represent the hard work and endurance of the Board of Directors and employees of Kekinow Native Housing Society.