Am I Eligible?

In order to be eligible for subsidized or affordable housing with KNHS, the applicant(s):

  • Have a combined household Income below the Housing Income Limits (HILs)
  • Must be 19 years of age or older to be eligible for subsidized or affordable housing.
  • Must be of Indigenous ancestry (Status; non-status; Metis or Inuit).

To apply for subsidized or affordable housing with KNHS, you must complete the “Renting it Right” offered through TRAC….

All housing applicants are required to complete TRAC’s online certificate course “Renting it Right”. This certificate will be used as one of the applicants references. Read more

Several steps are completed when an applicant is considered for a vacancy. The first step is a tenancy reference check with the applicant’s current and previous landlords (whichever is applicable). A reference check is completed to determine the applicant’s history as a tenant. For example, we want to ensure that the applicant paid their rent on time if they gave the required written notice to vacate their suite and also to determine if there were any adverse tenancy issues while they resided there. Once a favorable reference check is completed the applicant is contacted for an interview.

An appointment will be scheduled with a Property Manager to interview and select eligible applicants.