We start the process by selecting applicants from the Society’s data base of applicants according to the original date of application. This will be followed with a brief telephone interview to ensure the application is accurate and up to date.

The next step in the process involves an in-home interview during which the applicant will be asked to provide identification to confirm their Indigenous ancestry, proof of income, bank statements for the preceding three (3) months, and three (3) references including present and previous landlord(s).

Following the interview, a reference check will be completed to determine the applicant’s history as a tenant including payment history and if there is / was a history of objectionable tenancy behavior. Lastly, the priority criteria of each of the selected applicants will be determined.

If you are selected for tenancy, you will be notified in writing (offer letter) and given the address of your new home, a move-in date and a date to attend the office to sign both the Residential Tenancy Agreement and the Rent Subsidy application.

For applicants not selected, they will receive a letter indicating why they were not selected and will remain on the waitlist.