New tenants are selected from the Society’s database of applicants according to their date of application. Several steps are followed when an applicant is considered for tenancy. You will be

contacted by our office to schedule a home visit interview- during the interview, the Tenant Relations Coordinator will request identification to confirm your aboriginal ancestry.

After the interview a reference check is completed to determine the applicant’s history as a tenant- your rent payment history and history of any adverse tenancy issues; if you gave appropriate written notice to vacate your previous unit; if you left a previous unit in undamaged and clean condition.

Next, your priority criteria will be determined and then all information is presented to the Tenant Selection Committee to review and select a new tenant. You will be notified in writing if you have been selected and will be given a move in date and address of your new home. For applicants not selected you will receive a letter indicating that you were not selected and the reason why.

If you are selected for tenancy, an appointment is then scheduled in our office to sign your Residential Tenancy Agreement and Subsidy Agreement. You will be required to provide your proof of income at that time to determine your monthly rent amount.

This information includes:

· Most recent Notice of Assessment from Canada Revenue Agency (this is the confirmation of a tax return filed and income declared that is received from the Government of Canada after filing a tax return).

· Three (3) most recent, consecutive pay stubs (if applicable)

· Ministry of Social Development cheque stub (if applicable)

· Confirmation of income from CPP and/or OAP Pensions (if applicable)

· EI stub and/or proof of weekly benefits (if applicable).