Emergency Repairs

Emergency Repairs

Repairs are considered an emergency if the health or safety of a tenant(s) is at risk or if the building or property is at risk of damage. This can include major water damage (i.e. leak(s) inside unit or the exterior of the building, damaged water pipes, plumbing fixtures, malfunctioning electrical systems, and / or defective locks that hamper tenant access into unit).

In the event of a fire or safety emergency, please contact 911 immediately.

Other Information

The tenant must get the landlord’s approval, in writing, before installing a security system or alarm. The tenant who has installed an alarm system, and then moves out, must either leave the system in the unit or remove the system and repair any damage caused to the unit during the installation or removal. Any alarm call-out charges will be the responsibility of the tenant and must be paid immediately.

You must not alter the locking system to the front entry door, storage doors or garages. In case of an emergency and for your safety, we must have access to your unit. If the keys are lost, you will be responsible for the re-keying cost.

Kekinow Native Housing Society may enter your unit under the following conditions:

  • when an emergency exists and entry is necessary to protect life or property;
  • when Kekinow Native Housing Society has given a 24 Hour Notice of Intent to Enter;
  • when you sign a Maintenance Request form which gives us permission to access your unit for up to 30 days to perform the maintenance work specified in the request; and
  • when you allow a Kekinow Native Housing Society representative to enter.

Shopping carts are not to be left on the property, they must be returned to the appropriate stores.

Satellite dishes are not permitted due to damages to the building envelope when installed.

Prior to getting an air conditioner, you must obtain written permission from our office to have one installed and it must be professionally installed.

If you wish to paint your unit, you must submit a written request to Kekinow’s Property Manager for prior approval. Please note, the unit must be returned to its original paint color upon vacating or you will be charged for re-painting the unit.

Unreasonable disturbances will not be tolerated (i.e. late night parties, loud music, banging on walls, yelling, etc). You and your neighbors are entitled to quiet peace and enjoyment of your home. Please ensure that you, your household members, and guests live in a manner that does not have a negative effect on your neighbors. Please note that excessive noise and / or disturbances may place your tenancy at risk. If you are a victim of this type of disturbance, please report the incident in writing to your Resident Building Manager / Building Service Worker and the Kekinow Native Housing Society office. If the disturbances involve late night parties / loud music, please contact the RCMP.

Please note: Kekinow Native Housing Society cannot take any action based on verbal complaints, all complaints must be in writing and signed by the complainant.

Tenant vehicle(s) must be in operating condition and carry valid insurance. Each vehicle must be parked in the designated parking stalls and away from “No Parking” areas. No double parking is permitted on the property.

Stored vehicles must be registered to the tenant, have valid Storage Insurance (maximum storage time is three (3) months), and be fully operational. If a vehicle leaks fluid onto the property, you must clean it up as soon as possible. Vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense if the above guidelines are violated and may be issued a 1-Month Notice to End Tenancy for breach of your tenancy agreement.

No repairs or maintenance may be performed to vehicles parked on any Kekinow Native Housing Society property. Any vehicles requiring repairs must be removed immediately due to our parking policy and insurance regulations.