Tenant Responsibilities

Tenant Responsibilities

As a Kekinow Native Housing Society tenant, you are responsible for the normal day-to-day maintenance of your unit. This means that you must:

  • Promptly remove all garbage and refuse from the property. Garbage must be properly disposed of in the appropriate bins i.e. household garbage, recyclables and/or organics.
  • Maintain the interior of the unit in a clean and repaired condition including the repair of any damage to wall and floor finishes, appliances and fixtures.
  • Report to the Society immediately any broken or leaking water pipes, plumbing pipes, gas pipes, roofs, electrical wiring, hot water tanks, furnaces or structural problems.
  • Contact your Building Manager to report needed repairs and obtain a Maintenance Request Form.

The Residential Tenancy Act states that “The tenant shall inform the landlord immediately of any items in the rental premises in need of repair. The tenant shall repair any items in need of repair with reasonable diligence, and in keeping with the health, safety and other standards required by law. If the tenant fails to make such repairs the landlord may make them and collect the cost thereof from the tenant in the same manner as rent under the Tenancy.” As a reminder to all tenants, the following are general guidelines and responsibilities in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act as it relates to maintaining your suite. It is important for all tenants to understand and adhere to these guidelines.

  • A tenant must maintain reasonable health, cleanliness and sanitary standards throughout the rental unit and the other areas of the residential property to which the tenant has access.
  • A tenant of a rental unit must repair damage to the rental unit or common areas that is caused by the actions or neglect of the tenant or a person permitted on the residential property by the tenant.
  • The tenant is responsible for periodic cleaning of the carpets to maintain reasonable standards of cleanliness.
  • Where the tenant has deliberately or carelessly stained the carpet he or she will be held responsible for cleaning the carpet.
  • The landlord is not expected to clean the internal window coverings during the tenancy unless something unusual happens, like a water leak, which is not caused by the tenant.
  • The tenant is responsible for keeping the internal window coverings clean.
  • The tenant is responsible for cleaning the inside windows and tracks during his or her tenancy, including removing mould.
  • The tenant is responsible for cleaning the inside and outside of the balcony doors, windows and tracks during the tenancy.
  • The tenant is responsible for washing scuffmarks, finger prints, etc. off the walls unless the texture of the wall prohibits wiping.
  • The tenant must pay for repairing walls where there are an excessive number of nail holes, or large nails, or screws or tape have been used and left wall damage from hanging pictures or any other items on walls.
  • The tenant is responsible for all deliberate or negligent damage to the walls.
  • The tenant must wipe or vacuum baseboards and baseboard heaters to remove dust and dirt.
  • The tenant must not prevent the smoke alarm from working by taking out batteries and leaving them out, or by replacing them with batteries that are dead or the wrong size. For his or her own safety and the safety of others, the tenant must tell the landlord when a smoke alarm needs new batteries, or that it seems to need to be repaired or replaced.
  • The tenant is responsible for replacing light bulbs in his or her premises during the tenancy.

Unregistered/Additional Occupants

Any unregistered occupants staying longer than fourteen (14) days must be reported to the office and will be required to provide income verification information and pay their portion of rent. If you do not obtain the necessary approval for your additional occupant(s) it will be considered a Material Breach of a reasonable term of your tenancy and will result in a notice to end tenancy.